Seth Leibsohn retires from radio, runs for Congress

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, local radio host and congressional candidate Seth Leibsohn signed off his radio show, stating: “The best education anyone could have has been my 14-year seminar with my listeners and callers, the smartest people I’ve come to know and respect. As I look forward now to putting all I’ve said and written over the years into actual practice, I know we will stay in touch and I know I will continue to learn from them.”

Retiring from 14 years in radio broadcasting yesterday, Seth Leibsohn signed off his show on 960am/KKNT in order to run for Congress. Today he will file his petition signatures to run for the US House of Representatives, representing Arizona in Congressional District 9.

960am/KKNT General Manager Jim Ryan stated, “While we are so sad to see Seth leave our airwaves as a host, we are delighted to see him run for office, something I and our listeners have long encouraged him to do.”

Seth’s family has lived in the area covered by CD-9 for over 80 years. His father was a physician in Arizona, his mother a social worker.

Born and raised here, Seth graduated Arcadia High School before commencing a long career in academia, public policy, and communications. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science from the Claremont Colleges, studying under the renowned conservative scholar Harry V. Jaffa. Then, after law school, Seth worked in Washington, DC for many years as the Chief of Staff to Jack Kemp and William J. Bennett, running their and Jeane Kirkpatrick’s think-tank, Empower America. Before becoming the Vice President of the nation’s most respected think tank dedicated to the study of the Founding and the principles of statesmanship, the Claremont Institute, Seth had formed Americans for Victory Over Terrorism and ghost-wrote several books and speeches for several political leaders and public policy experts. In his own name, he co-authored The Fight of our Lives with William J. Bennett and American Greatness with Chris Buskirk.

In addition to his work in radio and writing, Seth is the former Chairman of the Board of NotMYKid, an Arizona-based non-profit dedicated to substance abuse prevention and the inspiring of positive life choices for our state’s children.

Debbie Moak, Leibsohn Campaign Chair, stated, “I’ve come to know and work with a lot of dedicated and really smart people, but nobody more dedicated and smarter than Seth, especially on the most important of issues—we in District 9 are so fortunate to have a candidate and Congressman of his caliber.”

For his work in substance abuse prevention, Seth is also the 2016 recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Arizona Capitol Times.

About Seth Leibsohn
Seth Leibsohn is an Arizona native who has dedicated his career to commonsense conservative policy. In addition to serving as the Vice President and Senior Fellow for The Claremont Institute he is the author of several books and op-eds on issues related to education, drug abuse, foreign policy, and the economy. He has been a radio host with Bill Bennett in Washington D.C. and locally. In 2016 he was awarded the Arizona Capitol Times Volunteerism Award for his dedication to work in substance abuse prevention.

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