NATIONAL REVIEW: Seth Leibsohn for Congress

By Andrew C. McCarthy

Arizonans should send Leibsohn to the House of Representatives. I can’t say I was vested in any of the Republicans who were thumped in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City on Election Day. I sensed, though, that last week’s off-year, not-exactly-bellwether contests were mainly a matter of blue states acting blue (and, as Jim Geraghty illustrated regarding Virginia, getting bluer). That said, there’s no doubt the GOP took a battering ten months into the tumultuous Trump presidency. The 2018 alarms are already sounding.

On that score, I’ve been meaning to note that my good friend of many years, Seth Leibsohn, has thrown his hat in the ring for the congressional seat in Arizona’s ninth district, which includes Maricopa County. His campaign website is here. It will be a competitive race, especially if Democrats remain as energized as they now appear to be. Still, the thought of Seth running for the House makes me feel better about the midterms . . . and the reality of Seth in Congress would make me feel better for the country.

A number of us NR-types know Seth from his years as former education secretary Bill Bennett’s radio producer, co-host, and sometime co-author (including a book, The Fight of Our Lives). Seth has been settled in Arizona for a number of years now. He co-hosts a radio program there with Chris Buskirk, and he’s a senior fellow at a West Coast conservative powerhouse, the Claremont Institute (of which Seth was vice president, as he was at Empower America).

As that pedigree implies, Seth is as solid a conservative as you’ll find — on policy points and on the things that really matter, such as the defense of liberty and Western civilization. He will promote an Arizona that has more say in how it is governed, and an America that is unabashedly proud to be American because of what that means about equality and dignity, about how we best lift every person up by unleashing every person’s ingenuity.

Seth would also come to Washington as a conservative who can work with the Trump administration. Here at National Review, our views about the president vary, but generally within a range from opposition to grudging acceptance, which is natural because he is transactional and we are not. Seth, to the contrary, has been a Trump supporter from an early stage. In American Greatness: How Conservative Inc. Missed the 2016 Election and What the D.C. Establishment Needs to Learn, the book he co-authored with Buskirk, he acknowledged Donald Trump’s flaws but found them, in historical context, to be forgivable, or at least tolerable. He thus chided the president’s conservative critics — “critics” is putting it mildly — for failing to distinguish Trump the man from the policy agenda Trump the candidate represented to his supporters.

I’ll have more to say on another occasion about this critique, because I’m not swayed by the ongoing enterprise to give substantive content to the wispy notion of “Trumpism” — or what the president’s core supporters call the “MAGA agenda,” to which they are far more committed than their champion. For now, suffice it to say that I think Seth has been trying to do what Senator Mike Lee, the terrific Utah Republican, took the lead in doing after the president’s stunning victory last year: namely, to infuse Trump’s populism with conservative principles.

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Radio Host, Author, & National Think Tank Veteran Seth Leibsohn Announces Bid For Congress

September 29, 2017

Radio Host, Author, & National Think Tank Veteran Seth Leibsohn Announces Bid For Congress

Phoenix — Seth Leibsohn announces his bid for Congressional District 9.

Today, author and radio host Seth Leibsohn announced he will run for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District bringing a fresh and dynamic voice to Arizona and national politics. Leibsohn, who was raised in Phoenix, is an experienced voice and writer in politics and public policy, having hosted several radio shows at the national and local levels and having led two of our nation’s premier conservative think tanks. He is also well known in Arizona for his volunteerism and work in substance abuse prevention, having chaired one of the state’s leading prevention organizations and as the recipient of an award for volunteerism in substance abuse prevention from the Arizona Capitol Times. As the Powerline Blog recently wrote of Leibsohn’s candidacy: “Seth combines a formidable conservative intellect with an extraordinary ability to communicate in writing and on the air.”

Today, Seth Leibsohn stated, “For the past twenty years I have dedicated my professional and personal life toward better and more positive social outcomes for our nation’s youth, and for all Americans’ greater economic opportunity and national security. I am excited and honored to now be asked to put my speaking and writing efforts into political practice, representing the district I grew up in as well as all Americans in the US House of Representatives. I promise an effort everyone who joins will be proud of and look forward to this most important of campaigns.”

Seth’s campaign chair, Debbie Moak, stated: “As a long-time friend of Seth’s I can attest to his character and integrity which will make him the most committed candidate for CD9. It is my honor to serve as his campaign chair.”

“Seth’s experience and commitment to common-sense conservative values makes him the ideal candidate in CD9. Given his background and the incredible experience of great leaders he has worked with, he is uniquely qualified to represent our district,” stated long-time political strategist Sean Noble.

Noble, who will be quarterbacking the campaign, continued: “Seth has a proven record of intelligence and familiarity with the daily issues that most affect our lives, whether it be in the areas of substance abuse, economic policy, or, for that matter, national security, and he is ready to argue and fight for Arizona with the intelligence and leadership these enduring difficult times require.”