Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Endorses Seth Leibsohn for Congress

Today, Seth Leibsohn, Republican candidate for Arizona’s Congressional District 9, received the endorsement of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery released the following statement on April 16th 2018:

“I have known and worked with Seth Leibsohn in various capacities for many years and cannot think of a better person to represent Arizona and the residents of Congressional District 9. His commitment to the community, our state’s and nation’s youth, and what he and I like to call the ‘durables’ – the important things in life – is incomparable. Arizona is fortunate to have the opportunity to have Seth in Congress and I fully endorse his candidacy for the people of CD9 and look forward to doing all I can to work for his – and our – victory!”

Bill Montgomery was first elected Maricopa County Attorney in a Special Election in 2010 and re-elected in 2012 on a pledge to fight crime, honor victims’ rights, and protect and strengthen our community. As a West Point Graduate, decorated Gulf War Veteran, former Deputy County Attorney and a professional prosecutor, he has dedicated his personal and professional life to serving others.

Of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s endorsement, Seth Leibsohn remarked: “We in Maricopa County are privileged to have such a great public servant in Bill Montgomery. His commitment to our community and especially the protection of the most vulnerable, our youth, is beyond compare and it is all our honor to be able to work with him. He is also a wonderful role model of service to our nation and I am beyond grateful for his endorsement.”

About Seth Leibsohn
Seth Leibsohn is an Arizona native who has dedicated his career to commonsense conservative policy. In addition to serving as the Vice President and Senior Fellow for The Claremont Institute he is the author of several books and op-eds on issues related to education, drug abuse, foreign policy, and the economy. He has been a radio host with Bill Bennett in Washington D.C. and locally. In 2016 he was awarded the Arizona Capitol Times Volunteerism Award for his dedication to work in substance abuse prevention.

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