Arizona Leaders Endorse Seth Leibsohn for Congress

“In getting to know Seth Leibsohn, I am happy to announce my support for his candidacy to represent Arizona in Congressional District 9 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Seth’s impressive approach to the topics he discusses, and how he discusses them, as well as his work in the areas of youth substance abuse prevention, are a model for our politics, our policy work, and our community-at-large. Given Seth’s unique communication skills, political experience, and dedication to so many crucial issues, he not only can win this seat for us in the general election but will go on to proudly represent all of us in Arizona.”

– Councilman Jim Waring of Phoenix

“Rarely have I been as excited about a political candidate as I am about Seth Leibsohn. Seth’s intellect, energy, and ability to communicate are rare and yet exactly what Washington, DC and we in CD-9 need just now. Because of his extraordinary abilities, Seth has the unique capacity to unite the disparate parts of our party and movement while also attracting support from independents and disaffected Democrats. We need just such a representative now. I heartily endorse Seth. We all should do everything possible to help elect Seth.”

– Former Mayor Hugh Hallman of Tempe

“Seth Leibsohn is an exciting candidate. One of the brightest minds I have ever encountered, Seth has a clear vision founded in conservative core principles, steadfast integrity and a passion for our country’s well-being. He has a great work ethic and is wedded to a focus on the most important issues of the day. I am grateful for his willingness to step forward to serve in Congress. I proudly endorse him and look forward to supporting his candidacy every way I can.”

– County Attorney Sheila Polk of Yavapai

“I have known and worked with Seth Leibsohn for close to 20 years in public policy. A good friend and a great communicator, Seth is dedicated to the most important issues facing both our state and our nation. Seth has exactly what it takes, both to win the election in Congressional District 9 and to represent it and Arizona with distinction. His candidacy is a bright light for all of us and I look forward to working with him on all our issues of mutual interest once he is in Congress. I am delighted to endorse him.”

– Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan

“Given Seth Leibsohn’s long record of commitment and dedication to our youth, public heath and safety, education reform, along with his communication and intellectual abilities, there is nobody I can think of to better represent Arizona’s Congressional District 9 or the people of Arizona generally in the U.S. House of Representatives. Seth is an outstanding civic leader and will make for a great political leader as well. Seth has the unique abilities to win in CD-9 and I happily endorse him for Congress.”

– Arizona House of Representative Education Chairman, Representative Paul Boyer

“Having known and been able to work with Seth Leibsohn on a great many issues affecting our youth, our state, and our country, I am happy to endorse him for Arizona’s Congressional District 9 and look forward to his service in Congress. Seth is a fantastic communicator, serious thinker, quick on his feet, a dedicated civic leader, and will make for a great member of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

– Former Mayor John C. Keegan of Peoria

“I have known and worked with Seth Leibsohn in various capacities for many years and cannot think of a better person to represent Arizona and the residents of Congressional District 9. His commitment to the community, our state’s and nation’s youth, and what he and I like to call the ‘durables’ – the important things in life – is incomparable. Arizona is fortunate to have the opportunity to have Seth in Congress and I fully endorse his candidacy for the people of CD9 and look forward to doing all I can to work for his – and our – victory!”

– Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

“I proudly support Seth’s bid for Congress. A principled conservative, Seth is a friend, a great communicator, and understands the principles of limited government and the kind of commonsense conservatism we need in DC so badly. We need him, and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.”

– Congressman Andy Biggs

“A commitment to lowering taxes and improving economic growth is one of the reasons I believe Seth Leibsohn is the right candidate for CD9. He has spent his entire career working on the basis of sharing conservative values and fighting for preventative measures to the most vulnerable in Arizona.” DiCiccio said. “He’s a strong voice on improving the lives of Arizonans and I believe a clear choice for Congress.”

– Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio