Seth Leibsohn

Rising drug overdose deaths, worsened racial relations, fewer health care choices, seemingly intractable immigration issues, regulations and taxes that are too high, violent crime on the rise, an international scene dominated by the headlines of terrorism and nuclear threats from rogue regimes, and a political dialogue between the parties that has simply gone off the rails—this simply should not be life in America in the 21st Century.

Along with all these concerns that put us in daily states of consternation, agitation, and worry, life in America also seems a lot more difficult than it should be right now, getting harder and harder—harder than it has to be. It is time, long past time, for new, bold, strong, smart, and commonsense leadership. It is my honor to now try and contribute to that.

My whole professional career has been focused on what I call the durables and not the distractions, the most important things in life—and that principles are much more important than politics. For the past twenty years I have dedicated my professional and personal life toward better and more positive social outcomes for our nation’s youth, and for all Americans’ greater economic opportunity and national security. I am excited and honored to now be asked to put my speaking and writing efforts into political practice, representing the district I grew up in as well as all Americans in the US House of Representatives. My candidacy will be an experiment in the application of these beliefs, but it will also be an experiment I guarantee everyone who affiliates with will be proud of.


My father moved to Arizona in the 1930s, served in the Pacific in World War II, and then returned home to practice dermatology for over 50 years here. My mother was a librarian and social worker. It was from them that I learned my personal values. I was born and grew up in Phoenix, graduating from Arcadia High School. From there I went off to college, graduate school, and law school before ending up in Washington, DC where I worked for several years before returning to Phoenix.

I credit the greatest teachers anyone could have, from the renowned political philosopher Harry V. Jaffa, my professor in college and grad school, to Bill Bennett, Jack Kemp, and Jeane Kirkpatrick, for whom I worked at Empower America, for helping form my worldviews in public policy.

In DC, in addition to heading up Secretary Bennett’s, Kemp’s and Ambassador Kirkpatrick’s policy organization, I produced and co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio show, Morning in America with Bill Bennett, before starting my own local talk radio program here in the Valley. In my years of talk radio, writing, public speaking, and debate, and most importantly by listening to my various audiences, I have been privileged by an even greater education in the things that matter most, by the most important voices in the world, the voices of the American people.

To this end, I have been encouraged to take all that I can muster and bring it to Washington on behalf of Arizona. It is a privilege to be asked, and it is an honor to run for this seat.


For the past twenty years, I have dedicated my life to promoting positive and commonsense public policy solutions to the most critical issues facing our country. As the former Chief of Staffs to William J. Bennett, Jack Kemp, and Jeane Kirkpatrick at their think tank, it has been an honor to learn from and work with Ronald Reagan’s greatest foot soldiers in foreign, economic, and domestic policy.

I not only served as the head of Empower America, but also as the Vice President and a Senior Fellow of one of our nation’s other great think tanks, the Claremont Institute which is dedicated to teaching the principles of the American Founding.

In my volunteer time, I have devoted my life to the protection of our most vulnerable population, our children—focusing on issues of substance abuse prevention. For my efforts as the Chairman of NotMYKid, and my other work in the field of prevention, I was honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award by the Arizona Capitol Times in 2016.

In my career as a radio host, I have been privileged to engage in national and state-wide dialogues and seminars with the American people, having a front row seat to seeing and hearing how underestimated and smart the American people are, and how so many in the media discount us and take us for granted.

I have written broadly and widely on various issues from domestic to foreign policy and have co-authored two books, one with William J. Bennett on the cultural aspects and understandings of the war Radical Islam has declared on us (The Fight of our Lives), and one on how the media and mainstream analysts completely missed the 2016 presidential election and, frankly, America (American Greatness).

Given my work in all these fields, I have been honored to be asked, and encouraged by so many, to translate what I have been speaking and writing about for the past two decades into the service of defending and promoting a new politics of freedom and responsibility in a brand new effort. This is why I am running for Congress in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District.

It is with all this in mind, that I am honored and privileged to offer myself up as your candidate. With only the deepest humility and sense of responsibility, I ask you to join me.